Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon - It's all the about music...

The 2017 event will be the 26th annual event held
on the 18TH and 19th February 2017.

The Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon is held on the 3rd weekend of February every year on the foreshore of Lake Charlegrark.
The 2015 event is on Feb 18th and 19th FEBRUARY 2017

Our event runs between the hours of 12noon Saturday to 1am Sunday and then again from 10am Sunday to 5.30 pm Sunday. Many people return each year as the atmosphere at the event is very relaxed, easy listening and family friendly with all ages from the youngest of babies to the oldest of grandparents coming to listen to the music. Friday night there is a fish and chip night for all the campers already there and the artists that arrive early have a couple of hours casual sing along, short story and poem telling session.

Artists performing to be announced

- Brothers 3
- Bill Chambers
- Roo Arcus
- Marie Hodson & Wendy Phypers
- Billy Bridge
- Rebecca Lee Nye
- Bill Gray
- Graeme Hugo
- Fineform
- Trevor Philbey
- (Compare) Rodney Vincent
- (Sound)  Gavin Chandler


We were able to hand out over $15,000 from last years event to the local hospital and other local organisations which was great for our little community.

Friday Night Fish 'n' Chips & Walk-Ups
5-8pm At the Old Camp Kitchen

Bar facilities available
Bar and BBQ available Sat and Sun

Strictly NO PETS, GLASS or BYO in the entertainment area.
Pets strictly to kept at your camp site unless on a leash.
Camping permitted for only those attending the festival.
No skiing on the lake permitted from 4.00pm Friday until after 5.00 pm Sunday.

Information Please contact either the President - John Naylor on mobile 0427 687 757  or 08 8765 1037 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or Louise Hicks regarding advertising on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Camping Available – Roy Pretlove 0402 738 515

General and Vendor Site Enquiries: John Naylor 0427 687 757