Fine Form originally started in 2006. Since then, they have evolved to become household favourites at Country Music Festivals around the state because of their talents and entertaining presence. They have an extremely versatile repertoire playing everything from Keith Urban right through to ACDC and just about anything in-between.

This versatility makes them extremely popular not only in the Country Scene, but for just about any function or event.  They are regularly chosen for the ‘late night party’ stint of festivals because of their high energy performance and crowd pleasing songs.

Whilst they do play anything and everything, Country is where it all began for them, so they do like to stick to their roots. They play all types of country from traditional favourites right through to the newest country hits – another example of their versatility.

Their talents don’t go unnoticed throughout the industry – they are regularly sought upon as a backing band for festivals and subsequent guest artists. Their knowledge of music and flair for quickly learning other artists’ styles and music has made them one of the most trusted and respected backing bands in South Australia.

Fine Form take the backing of others seriously as it is still showcasing their talents and it is an honour for them to support others. They have been lucky enough to back Adam Harvey, Graeme Hugo, Tracy Coster, Matt Manning, Amos Morris, Travis Collins, Sandra Humphries, Grant Luhrs, Shayne Parle and countless others.

Fine Form are also favourites in the outback. They have travelled as far north as Oodnadatta, William Creek and Coober Pedy and enjoy taking their music to towns that aren’t lucky enough to get regular entertainment. They are regulars at Rodeo’s, Bronco Brandings, Outback Events and of course Country Music Festivals.