To the Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon family.

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the postponement of the 30th Annual LCCMM until February 2023.

Once again we have arrived at a point where we are no longer able to see a clear path to a safe and festive Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon. We have pushed as hard as possible to bring this together because we understand how important and special it is for you as it is for us as a committee and our families.

As we have experienced and communicated, this pandemic changes by the day and since the reduction in government restrictions and the entry of the Omicron variant we have witnessed the virus rapidly washing through the Australian population.

In light of the increasing infection rates across Australia and locally within the West Wimmera/South East of SA our event would inevitably suffer and spread active Covid-19 cases and our many amazing patrons, artists, volunteers and service providers would suffer potential infection with the inevitable health and social implications including requiring to isolate etc. These scenarios are not something us as a committee are willing to allow by holding a 2022 LCCMM.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has purchased tickets (these will be refunded) and to all of those patrons, artists, sponsors and other supporters who we love dearly and cannot thank enough for the ongoing support especially in these challenging times.

My personal thanks to the 15 LCCMM committee members who have put in many many hours, weeks and months into organising this event and have been thwarted by the global pandemic for the second year in a row. Your efforts are always appreciated by everyone!

We are incredibly disappointed to bring you this news but encourage everyone to support each other and have lots of safe social gatherings, camping trips, dinners parties etc. We need to reconnect and rebuild the social connections that are essential to us as a society.

Where it is safe to do so we also implore everyone to get out and watch live country music and support the whole live music industry. Our artists are at the heart of LCCMM and they have suffered worse than most through this pandemic.

As always lots of love from James Hawkins and the Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon Committee.  Please stay safe but stay connected.