BRINGING THE COUNTRY BACK TO LIFE on 18th, 19th, 20th February 2022

To the wonderful Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon Community,

What a gosh darn rollercoaster it has been since we danced under the stars that Saturday night in February 2020.

With much deliberation and many sleepless nights, we have decided it’s time to come out of covid-19 hibernation and get back to our boot scooting roots in 2022 and celebrate community, country music and the beautiful country we call home.

We are determined first and foremost to ensure the safety of all of you and that of our hard working volunteers and support staff, and safety will form the foundation of our decision making for the 2022 event. For this reason we request your understanding, patience and knowledge that things will be slightly different and there may need to be adjustments as Covid-19 rules including border restrictions change with time.

To be as safe as possible for all of us and to provide the best chance that we will meet state and federal health orders (aka to maximise the chances of being able to have an event at all) we will need to have a cap on patron numbers and have vaccine mandates for entry. There will be many other covid-19 related “tweaks” that will occur and these things will not be new to any of us because we are already living with these rules now.

We will be bringing you much more detail regarding music, camping and all the fun stuff very soon so stay tuned, but in the meantime we are sending you heaps of love from Lake Charlegrark and hope you’ve been able to reconnect with each other after 20 months of social distancing.

Much love from James Hawkins and the LCCMM committee