After having spent most of his life in the South Australian Mallee, or more specifically Lameroo, farming, truck driving and raising a family, Trevor Philbey moved away, and in doing so, rekindled his love of music, mainly through playing the guitar, in rock and roll and country bands.

Trevors early days were spent in a very protected family environment, where the only music heard came from the local church organ. It wasn’t all bad because from that came a lifelong appreciation of good harmony.
He first recognised his love for the guitar at the age of thirteen when he first heard the sound of Hank Marvin leading the Shadows; it was the start of a lifelong affair with the guitar. This “affliction” really struck in 1964 when he heard the the amazing sound of an Americn guy playing a guitar version of “Yackety Axe. ” and came to realise that the Late Chet Atkins had come into his life and the world would never be the same, because of Chet’s impeccable style and constant quest for perfection.

Trevor has always had a love for country music, even when playing in rock and roll and dance bands in the sixties and seventies.

Now aged in his late sixties, Trevor is a bit of a latecomer to the country music scene in South Australia, but is now becoming recognised as an artist who presents the music he loves with pride and an eye for quality sound
As well as playing as a solo artist Trevor has played lead guitar with many bands over the year including a recent stint with “The Blackhats”.

Trevor has recorded six albums, five vocal and one instrumental, all in his own studio, utilising modern technology coupled with a strong desire to make it “sound good”. His latest album, recorded earlier in 2016, and called “Nothin’ But Country”, is a mixture of well known classics and some lesser known songs worth listening to.
Being a guitarist means there are never enough guitars; his collection seems to be growing of its own volition. He has two very special guitars arriving soon and that may well put an end to any further purchases.

Trevor doesn’t claim to be a fan of any particular artist or style of country music, hence his song list comes from many sources, such as The Mavericks, George Jones, Allan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, The Eagles, The Bellamy Brothers, The Oak Ridge Biys, Don Williams, George Strait, and Chet Atkins to name a few. And he still loves playing songs from The Shadows! He is also a great admirer of Tommy Emmanuel and Stuie French
You can be assured of A Most Enjoyable time sharing an evening of country music with Trevor Philbey.


(Source:  Trevor Philbey)